About Me


welcome to pshita gallery –
my name is sivan hen im a mother and an artist.
im working from a small workshop from my house in "kfar shamay" a beautiful place in the north of israel.
my love for art started in my early childhood and go with me ever since .
during my life i use to work with all kind of matirial macking difrent kind of art – such us druwing ; oil painting , water painting , mandelot, caligrafia , sewing, beaded necklaces and more – todey im combaining all my sceels to creat this ornaments works, wich givs me an expression of my faith- this is the place were my haert is 
most of my work inspired from tehilim ,vers from the tora and from my rebbi- rabbi nachman from breslev and they express the longing of the soul to her craetor.
my hasband is an artist as well – his expertise is in wood and togther we create and combine between two worlds .
both of us like clean and natural line and we find working together help us to bring the best of us
i use high qualite materials to get best result, most of my work made on perchment that i choose my self , or archival paper 350 g/m. – the text written by me with calligraphy pen and ink writers, and for the ornaments i use acrilic and watercolor pencils
– we work with lots of love and happiness.
pshita its a place were innocence and raids meat
were our love to creation meet our love to the creator.
we hope our work of art will bring you light and joy.
god bless you all !
נגישות (לסגירה לחצו על הכותרת)